Wedding Cakes

Cheese wedding cakes, Lincolnshire Poacher cheese farmhouse cheese

As an alternative to the traditional wedding cake, we have put together a selection of our favourite artisan British cheeses to create range of different wedding cheese cakes – or celebration cakes – for anything from a small family party to a large wedding.

A wedding cheese cake provides an opportunity to have the most amazing tasting selection of artisan cheeses that also looks spectacular. They are always really enjoyed both as visual and edible feasts!!

Cakes can be created to suit every occasion and every palette and with us being cheesemakers ourselves we have access to a number of the very best small scale cheeses in Britain. Every cake can be made to suit your exact requirements, so if you have a particular favourite, whatever it is, I’m sure we will be able to get hold of it.

We leave the decoration to you as it depends very much as to what is in season as to what looks best, but if you’d like some ideas, we can easily provide you with a number of photographs of ones we have decorated differently.

Whatever the size of the cake, the cost is typically between £1.25 and £2.00 per person.

Cheese wedding cake gallery

What cheese should you choose?

Cakes can be made using any from the huge range of cheeses available (see list for a few suggestions) but below are a couple of popular choices:

Cheese Wedding cakes, farmhouse cheese, Lincolnshire Poacher

To the right we have a bottom tier our own Lincolnshire Poacher, a second tier of Colston Bassett Stilton which is very smooth and creamy with a rich, fruity flavour, a third tier of Wigmore which is a soft bloomy rinded sheeps cheese that has a distinct caramel note and a smooth giving texture. The fourth tier is Tunworth which is a soft cows milk cheese that is as good as any French camembert with that distinct brassica flavour and classic velvety texture. On the fifth and final tier is a Perroche which is a very fresh goats cheese with a clean lemony lactic flavour.

This cheese will serve 120-160 people and costs approximately £190 + delivery (£7.95). To make it look and taste even more interesting the base can be surrounded by a selection of Perroche wrapped in different herbs (such as Tarragon, Dill and Rosemary).

To the left is a smaller cake could have a bottom tier of Gorwydd Caerphilly which is one of the only raw milk caerphilly’s made in Wales. A second tier using a baby Colston Bassett Stilton. A third tier of Tunworth and finally a Dorstone on top which is a mature goats cheese wrapped in ash.This cake will feed 40-60 people and costs approximately £95.

We ship the Cakes as individually wrapped tiers wrapped in double wax paper and housed in boxes with ice packs that maintain a cool temperature for many hours. To ensure as little time in transit as possible though, we use Parcelforce 24hr delivery. There is a delivery charge of £7.95 within mainland UK excluding Highlands and Islands and we would suggest delivery a couple of days before the celebration. We can deliver to the venue or to your private address.

What Do I do Next?

If you are interested in finding out more about a cake for your celebration, you can either phone Tim on 01507 466987 to discuss your ideas or send us an email to and we can create a cake out to suit your requirements.

Below are a few of our favourite cheeses that can be used in a wedding cake:

Lincolnshire Poacher (cow) – a rich, long lasting flavour with sweet nutty notes and a sharp tang that sometimes tastes a bit like pineapples. The texture is smooth, close, dense and creamy.

Colston Bassett Stilton (cow) – this cheese has a rich minerally tang and a buttery texture. It’s flavour is rich and full without being sharp or overpowering – instead it is mellow, fruity, rich and savoury.

Wigmore (sheep) – has a gentle and caramelly flavour, while the texture is smooth, creamy and unctuous without running away with itself.

Finn (cow) – fresh, lactic, creamy flavours with a rich double cream flavour. Takes on a mushroomy flavour as it matures.

Dorstone (goat) – mousse like fluffy texture with a lemony zesty, and sometimes vegetal flavour.

Gorwydd Caerphilly (cow) – has an oozing mushroomy earthy flavour on the outside and a citrus, lactic flavour in the springy centre.

Stinking Bishop (cow) – although this cheese has a pungent smell, the flavour is more subtle with a texture ranging from dense to completely unrestrained

Cornish Yarg (cow) – made to a Caerphilly and wrapped in nettles this is lactic and creamy with a hint of sweetness

Cote Hill Blue (cow) – a soft blue more akin to a continental style blue. When ripe it is rich and creamy with a delicate blue tang.