Although we only make two types of cheese, we get both daily and seasonal variation in terms of both flavour and texture.

These variations occur because we are using only our own fresh unpasteurised milk, so every day the composition of the milk is slightly different. This is particularly apparent between the seasons, during the summer the cows are outside on a grass diet whereas in the winter they are loose housed and are eating grass silage cut from the farm together with mixed cereal based winter ration. In summer, especially early summer, we tend to get fruity, rich sweet flavours whereas in winter, as a rule, the flavour tends to be more savoury, sometimes almost meaty. As a result of these varying flavour profiles, it is necessary to age the cheese for different lengths of time in order that each cheese leaves the farm at its peak. Each day only one batch of cheese is made and each batch is tasted at about 14 months maturation and from that tasting, a decision is made on how much longer the batch needs to be matured for.


Lincolnshire Poacher

This is our most widely available cheese which is usually matured for about 14 to 16 months and has quite a lot upfront with a rich full flavour.


Vintage Lincolnshire Poacher

This cheese has been taste selected and matured on for 18 to 22 months. It has more depth and complexity with a lovely smooth lingering aftertaste, often with a hint of sweetness.



Smoked Lincolnshire Poacher

Mature cheeses are selected to be sent to a local family run smokehouse. The cheese is cold smoked over untreated dampened oak chips for 24 hours. Cold smoking gives the cheese a golden brown colour and delicate smoked aroma and flavour, through which the distinctive Poacher characteristics are still evident.


Double Barrel

Sometimes we get a batch of cheese that has a very strong flavour which doesn’t fit into either the Poacher or the Vintage profile. This cheese is then matured for between two and three years to allow the strong flavour to intensify. This is Double Barrel and it is definitely not for the faint hearted! We only sell this through Farmers Markets and a few farm shops and Deli’s. It is subject to availability, but it is definitely worth looking out for if you’re a fan of strong cheese.


Lincolnshire Red

Lincolnshire Red

Our most recent addition to the range is now available in limited quantities, a new cheese – we’ve named it Lincolnshire Red.

It is based on an old fashioned traditional Red Leicester recipe with a modern twist. We mature it for about 6 months (much younger than our Lincolnshire Poacher, but older than most Red Leicesters).

We have added the colour to clearly differentiate it from our Lincolnshire Poacher. The colour comes from the addition of annatto to the milk in the vat at the start of cheese making. Annatto is a natural colour widely used in the cheese world and comes from the seed of the Anchiote tree in South America.

Unlike Lincolnshire Poacher, it is made using vegetarian rennet.

It has a moist creamy texture with a delicate buttery flavour, with a nice clean finish that lingers on your palate.



Fresh Unpasteurised Whole Milk

Fresh milk straight from our Holstein cows is chilled and bottled in 1 litre containers.It is unhomogenised and therefore has a layer of cream – just like milk used to be. It’s hard to believe it can taste so different to supermarket milk – it’s sweet and silky smooth – like drinking liquid ice-cream !! Give it a go!! Our milk is only available to order through Farmers Market. To place your order for collection from your nearest Farmers Market, please contact us.

Lincolnshire Poacher Butter

As well as making cheese we also make a hand patted whey cream farm butter, which has an unrivalled flavour that is totally unique. This is available through all of the Farmers Markets we attend and a few local farm shops and delicatessen. It tastes like butter your granny used to use!


Cheese Wedding Cakes

Also known as Celebration Cakes are the perfect alternative to a traditional wedding cake. Using one of our own cheeses as the bottom layer with the addition of several different Artisan British Cheeses on top. We have created a number of amazing Cheese Cakes, see our gallery for some ideas. We can create something to suit all tastes and sizes of events.

What Do I do Next?

If you are interested in finding out more about a cake for your celebration, you can either phone Tim on 01507 466987 to discuss your ideas or send us an email to and we can create a cake out to suit your requirements.

Gift Baskets and Hampers

We offer a number of different gift selections and hampers ideal for Christmas and corporate gifts
using our own cheeses together with a number of specially selected products that complement our cheese perfectly. For more information, contact us.