Famhouse English cheese makers Lincolnshire UK, with a homemade cheese flavour, Lincolnshire Poacher cheese

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English cheese makers Lincolnshire UK, Farmhouse cheese with a homemade cheese taste from Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese.

We, Simon (front) and Tim (back) Jones, produce award-winning handmade Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese on our dairy farm situated on the eastern edge of the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds.

The use of our freshly produced unpasteurised milk from our own dairy herd which graze on the rolling hills of the farm is the basis for the distinctive characteristics of our cheese.

This is, of course in conjunction with the care and attention taken during the making of each individual batch of hand made cheese. To ensure our milk is of the highest quality, our ‘girls’are treated like royalty. They’ve even got their own happy cow brushes so they can give themselves a really good scratch!! (click here to have a look).

The cheese is made a little bit like traditional West Country Cheddar though we have several key differences in our recipe that give Lincolnshire Poacher its own unique flavour and texture.  It is matured for 14-24 months and although the taste varies with the seasons it usually has a distinctive fruity, nutty taste with a clean sweet finish.

It has been described as sitting somewhere between the continental hard mountain cheeses (such as Comte) and traditional West Country Cheddar.

To get some by mail order from our online shop click here where you can get hold of a selection of our cheese as well as gift baskets and hampers.

Our cheese is also available from Farmers Markets and a variety of Cheese Shops and Delicatessens throughout the country.

Cheese Wedding Cakes – also known as Celebration Cakes – are the perfect alternative to a traditional wedding cake.  using one of  our own cheeses as the bottom layer with the addition of several different Artisan British Cheeses on top.  We have created a number of amazing “Cheese Cakes”, see our gallery for some ideas.  We can create something to suit all tastes and sizes of events. Contact us to discuss the creation of a bespoke cake to suit your needs.

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